• areyousaved777

Goat kids coming soon 😁

I have 6 pregnant moms. 3 of them are going to give birth in a few days. We are so excited here at the homestead. The others are due in a few weeks to a month. There will be lots of kids running around here soon.

Are you worried about the crazy times ahead with a milk goat you won’t have to worry about milk and if things get really bad you can eat the goat if you have too, also did you know that goats milk can be better for you than cows milk. It can even flush worms from your body. It’s loaded with lots of vitamins and mineral!!! and depending on the goat it can taste sweet And yummy. If it’s ice cold it tastes like a vanilla milk shake to me. Do you have children that you can’t get wieght on? Goats milk can help with that too because it’s full of good fats.

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